Sober Confessions: Celebs Who Announced They Gave Up Drugs, Alcohol

In the wide-ranging interview, Macklemore, who is currently on his Gemini tour, also explained why he released a song called “White Privilege” in 2016. The Iron Man star openly talked about his battle with substance abuse in his 2014 Vanity Fair cover story, revealing that he has now been sober for over 10 years. After battling addiction for decades, in August 2017, DMX entered rehab at the suggestion of a judge and sobered up.

Moneybagg famously rapped about his addiction to lean, a mixture of codeine and ingredients such as soda and candy, on his hit “Wockesha” off his album A Gangsta’s Pain. I ended up on a bus downtown, then in a McDonald’s, where I threw up in a trash can and had to run from the rappers who are sober cops. From the very start, I had the allergy where one wasn’t enough, and once I started, I couldn’t stop. But the now twenty-six-year-old Chicago native grew up listening to jazz and Gospel music in a Christian home. His father was an aide to then-Senator Barack Obama.

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One of his anniversary tweets in 2016 states, “I now have a wife & babies & some self-esteem #gratitude #promises.” He shared on his podcast, Armchair Expert, that he relapsed with painkillers, however he’s now sober again. The actress took to social media in July 2017 to announce her sobriety. “My decision to become sober wasn’t out of a need necessarily, it was more just that I did ‘sober January’ and I just decided to keep going,” said Willis to People. She experimented with alcohol in her college days, but has stood strong as a sober adult. “I didn’t really go to high school parties, and yeah, I didn’t touch pot till I was in my 20s… I didn’t get flat-out drunk until I went to college. But I think that’s a good thing in many ways,” she said. Given more reasons to quit, including the overdose death of Mac Miller in September 2018, rappers are deciding enough is enough.

And over time, drugs have become more fashionable. Eminem’s breakout came at the turn of the millennium with smash albums including The Slim Shady LP, The Marshall Mathers LP, and The Eminem Show. At the same time, he began to develop a strong addiction to prescription drugs. He reflected on the time in a 2022 interview with XXL. I know that addiction is a treatable disease, but I’m never going to be cured, and I’m completely fine with that. The world that recovery has led me to is beyond anything I ever could have imagined.

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When people attempted to tell him he had a problem, he didn’t believe them because he was using legally procured drugs, not heroin, cocaine or crack. Addiction recovery was very far from his mind. Eminem is widely known as someone who does not mince his words.

Many rappers, like Juicy J or Lil Wayne, have made it clear in their music that they love getting fucked up. Despite the popularity of drugs in hip-hop culture, not every rapper partakes in popping mollys or getting fried.

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Slim Shady is legendary in the world of hip-hop and often has been very candid about his demons. After a near fatal overdose he began to piece his life together.

rappers who are sober

“It took a long time for my brain to start working again.” Eminem has been sober since April 20, 2008, according to a 2020 Twitter post, and made his 2009 album Relapse during the early days of recovery. During the interview, the star said that as he returned to music, he felt that things were “new to me again.”

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Several of Macklemore’s TikTok followers shared their own stories in the comments section, to which the artist responded with words of hope and optimism. Jonathan is a recovery coach for Willow Springs Recovery in Texas. Eminem acknowledges having what he calls an addict’s brain, so he thinks of it as having replaced one addiction with another, healthier one. This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. I’ve had three relapses in the last six years. The amount of pain and damage that I can do very quickly in losing the trust of others happens instantaneously. He recently made another appearance on NBC’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

rappers who are sober

The Not Afraid rapper has been one of the biggest hip-hop stars since the 2000s. The multiple-time Grammy award winner is credited as one of the greatest rappers of all time. The rapper has stayed busy since putting out Relapse, and has released a steady stream of albums since, including Recovery in 2010 and his most recent, Music to Be Murdered By, in 2020.

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Switch to the light mode that’s kinder on your eyes at day time. From Blake Lively to Kendrick Lamar…these are the celebrities you won’t see with a drink in their hand. Frequent collaborators Lil Pump and Smokepurpp blacklisted Xans, announcing in January 2018 that they were leaving the habit in the past. Also last January, Mozzy kicked off the #KickDaKupChallenge, denouncing lean by pouring out a whole bottle onto the ground. “They say health is wealth—I need my bag,” he noted. Others have followed suit, including Mustard. Mavi Scrapped an Entire Album & Made His Best Work YetMavi, one of rap’s essential voices, had to shelve his original sophomore album.

  • Who will you find on this rappers who are sober list?
  • Dot in Vegasfrom way back when and there’s the astonishingly powerful “u,” which depicts the unfun side of getting intoxicated, but for the most part Kendrick is a sober artist.
  • For artists, especially up-and-coming independents, smoking grass has always been a way to bond with fans on tour.
  • Rappers looking for some chemical enhancement to their lives is nothing new, but right now it’s definitely more flow than ebb.
  • Eminem has been sober since April 20, 2008, according to a 2020 Twitter post, and made his 2009 album Relapse during the early days of recovery.

While many musicians struggle with drugs and alcohol, others choose to remain sober or get clean after experiences with addiction. There are many sober rappers in the hip hop community. Some famous rappers who don’t drink or do drugs went to rehab while other sober rappers quit cold turkey. A few famous rap stars who are sober even inspired other hip hop stars to kick their addictions for good. Period.” Joe Budden proclaimed in a 2013 interview with

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