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This is purely a market dynamic given the quantity of junior software developers vs those with experience. This also makes it harder for junior engineers to negotiate salaries when offered a job. To negotiate a high salary junior engineers may have to take a risk on high-growth companies who are either on the road to becoming a public company or by joining before an IPO. In any case, once a junior gets a few years of experience under their belt they create much more leverage when negotiating their salaries. When we talk about offshore development services, Eastern Europe hits the sweet spot between price and quality.

The next highest was New York ($178k) followed by London ($102k) and Amsterdam ($97k). The highest salary for a Data Engineer was for those working in San Francisco ($142k). The next highest was New York ($117k) followed by London ($75k) and Amsterdam ($67k). The highest salary for a Machine Learning Engineer was for those working in San Francisco ($166k). The next highest was New York ($145k) followed by Amsterdam ($106k) and London ($80k).

  • Salaries in Europe were uneven, with differences among European countries as great as those between world regions.
  • IT market in Ukraine is very dynamic and grows every year by 20-30%.
  • Remember how long it took to recruit the right people and to help them grow as a team?
  • Use this salary explorer to compare remote developer salaries in different regions, whether you want to find the best place to hire a remote developer or build a remote engineering hub.
  • Starting from 2015 IT industry in Ukraine is showing an impressive 20% average growth year after year.

For example, Kharkiv has an even bigger number of developers that Lviv, due to historical orientation on the technical specialties in universities. Outsourcing companies provide clients with the final monthly cost and you can expect that you won’t pay more than it is mentioned in the agreement. In regards to the Total Cost of Engagement, it is important to mention that you still are paying to the in-house managers who oversee developers in Ukraine. Also, it is worth to include the travel costs to the offshore location. Those two budget items can add 10-15% to the overall cost of outsourcing, but heavily depending on how many managers you have, how often they travel, etc.

Bargaining points correlated highly with salary, and the model predicts a salary boost of +$4,290 for each point on the scale. The second cluster is a Java stack, although notably languages that run on the JRE— such as Scala and Clojure—are in their own clusters . Cluster 2 does not have a model coefficient, because using more or fewer of these tools does not appear to affect salary after all of the variables are taken into account. OracleBI seems an outlier to an otherwise list of mostly Java tools, so the correlation of OracleBI to the other tools may indicate more enterprise (i.e., big-organization) use of Java. A slightly different team metric is the size of a team for a typical coding project.

The Key Facts About Software Development Centers in Eastern Europe

The report on the worldwide findings, with some US-specific statistics, can be downloaded from O’Reilly’s web site. Data-driven and research-based articles on tech job search-related topics, many of which reached the top position on Reddit, Hacker News, and Towards Data Science. C#/C++, Unity Engine, and OOP is the basic qualification needed to the Facebook tech jobs in the Czech Republic. As for the Clonee data center, its team consists of skillful network engineers who belong to Facebook’s Infrastructure team.

eastern europe software engineer salary

Using freelance platforms like Upwork or Fiverr, you can hire independent specialists of any seniority level from all over the world. You can filter specialists by the technology type, rating, hourly rate, or the number of accomplished projects. You can also read reviews left by their previous clients to get a better picture https://globalcloudteam.com/ of what to expect from the cooperation. As a leading region in the Asian tech market, India is one of the world’s most popular destinations for outsourcing software development services. Here’s a breakdown of the seven most popular development outsourcing regions and the monthly salaries of software engineers in them.

Additional information will be provided to candidates about the requirements and accommodation process at the offer time based on region. See how to find the best IT outsourcing companies and tech teams you can trust in Eastern Europe…. Node.js development experts, someone who specializes in Ruby on Rails or in PHP. But how do you know which technology will be better for your project? Outsourcing companies work on dozens of projects similar to yours.

The platform is designed to be the easiest way to build a great, diverse tech team for all companies across Europe. Oftware developers are in very high demand with the growing needs of corporations for digital transformation. JavaScipt, Java, and SQL are among the top languages in other Eastern European countries.

Eastern Europe Software Outsourcing: Guidelines

The most difficult people to hire are always the senior engineering leaders. The tech job market is on fire, across the globe, for people with a few years of industry experience under their belt. This is especially true for software engineers, but other tech functions are also following. If you’re looking for the optimal way to hire a software development team in Ukraine – we can help you.

Tasks like this take more time and require a high level of experience in fields like AI and data science. But your project’s estimation will most likely depend on the following five. Now, allow us to help you weigh your outsourcing options and extract as much value from offshore development as possible. Along with China, Poland, Ukraine, the Philippines, India, and Nigeria, Russia, South Africa and Brazil are also leading outsourcing destinations, CodeSubmit’s study indicated.

Tech’s Offshore Hiring Has Gone Into Overdrive – WIRED

Tech’s Offshore Hiring Has Gone Into Overdrive.

Posted: Fri, 12 Aug 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

However, I would argue that the Dotcom Boom was different in several ways. We have checked several firms and came up with a list of the 10 top offshore software development Eastern Europe companies that you might consider for cooperation. These are the businesses that specialize in custom software development and have the highest rates. Digital transformation is accelerating, penetrating deeper into more industries, and this process will not stop. It drives companies to develop new and better software solutions that enhance business workflow and ease its management system. Thus, the need for qualified and experienced software developers is rising.

Your job was probably outsourced for exactly the reason you suspected

India, one of the most popular destinations for outsourcing technically skilled jobs, pays only $470 more on average than Nigeria. The Philippines, also popular for outsourcing, pays on average only $7,936, while popular eastern European outsourcing destinations Poland and Ukraine pay between $22,000 and $23,000 per year. China, another top outsourcing destination, pays developers an average of $23,790.

eastern europe software engineer salary

Still, the average hourly rates vary in different companies, and they can be higher. It is essential to check the rates with the company before you start hiring their team. According to the surveys, 79% of developers in Ukraine have advanced, upper-intermediate, or at least an intermediate level of English. This means that you can easily talk about complex technical matters, system architecture, express your thoughts about the front-end design, and even discuss the latest movie release. Moreover, specialists like general managers, business analysts, and project managers usually have fluent English.

In which one area does your company have the most difficulty recruiting talent?

Overall, there are fewer qualified individuals in the employee pool, including annual graduates, than the number of software engineering jobs every year pushing salaries higher. Average salaries for the same role differ strongly depending on various factors, however, including company size and industry but by far the most significant factor is location. Where a software engineer in India may expect to get paid ₹563,660 / $7,560 per year, the same position in San Francisco would earn at least this per month.

eastern europe software engineer salary

Our programs include roles for interns, apprentices, recent graduates, and those educated through alternative paths such as boot camps or community javascript developers salary college. Maybe there is a reason so many tech startups are heading to Lisbon. It’s not just about the sun and surf, but also the cheap salaries.

When we’re grounded in first principles and have a strong understanding of technology, the sky’s the limit. There’s a magic that occurs when people from different worlds, with different lived experiences and perspectives, surround a challenge from all sides. If it were up to us, every person on the planet would be joining forces to mitigate climate change. The carbonization of our atmosphere presents a great threat to humanity, but with some imagination, and a shared commitment to drastically reducing emissions, a better way forward is possible. All the aspects mentioned above add up to the popularity of Eastern Europe as an outsourcing IT hub. The level of English proficiency in most Eastern European countries is estimated between intermediate – upper-intermediate.

Eastern Europe Software Development Market Overview

When a workspace is clean, it also helps you reduce anxiety and stress. It is therefore important to know how you can arrange your desk and declutter your workspace. And instead of physical material like papers, you can use high-end home office productivity tools, such as Evernote or Google Drive, etc, to keep all your notes organized, as well as saved on the drive.

eastern europe software engineer salary

Apart from this, you can find specialists who have a professional command of other, less popular programming languages. Hiring from abroad lets you employ engineers to complete different projects, starting from the shortest ones. It is possible to find an offshore partner that will provide you with the necessary resources for the short-term project that can take several hours. These are some risks that you might face when working with offshore teams. Still, most companies take care of their reputation and provide transparent services, following all the state and international regulations. If your business comes from Western Europe, you can easily have daily meetings with the offshore team or even fly there to have some face-to-face meetings.

Facebook Tech Jobs in Switzerland

Moreover, every university tries to cooperate with different IT companies, where students can work part-time, get hands-on experience, and be ready to tackle real-life assignments once they graduate. Most Eastern European developers invest a lot of time and effort into self-education, striving to enhance their knowledge and master their skills. Compare companies’ services, quality, industries of expertise, security standards, salary rates, etc. To p Coder is one of the largest crowdsourcing platforms where you can find developers for your project. With almost one million unique monthly visitors it represents the vast range of IT specialists ready to be shaped into a team to work towards the common goals. In order to be listed on the platform, the developers should pass the test.

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The popular outsourcing pricing models include fixed-price, time and material, benchmark-based, dedicated team, and Software Development as a Service — our personal favorite. So be careful when selecting a suitable outsourcing pricing model for your business case because you’ll need to consider the type of the project, the vendor’s experience, and your budget. The technology stack and the level of engineering expertise you need to build your app will seriously affect the price.

“Great company, and work culture”

Software engineering salaries have outpaced the national average over the last 20 years with the median software engineer in the US earning more than $1,800 per week. The above jobs score at least 10/12 on The Pragmatic Engineer Test. Browse more senior engineer and engineering leadership roles with great engineering cultures, or add your own on The Pragmatic Engineer Job board and apply to join The Pragmatic Engineer Talent Collective. Welcome to the best tech job market of probably all-time – assuming you have a few years of industry experience under your belt. Now is a perfect time to turn this employee’s market to your advantage. It doesn’t really matter if you develop your app in the US or in Central Europe.

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